Key Statistics

License Area365 square kilometers
NI 43-101 P&P Reserves108 million tonnes KCl
NI 43-101 Mineral Resources4,923 million tonnes @ 18.1% KCl
Additional non-compliant Resources7 – 9 billion tonnes
Average depth of resource200 meters
Reserve Life26 years
Resource Life>100 years
MiningSolution mining
ProcessingSolar evaporation
Mode of TransportationTarmac road to port
Target Production2 Mtpa MOP and 0.75 Mtpa SOP
Initial CapexUS$2.3 billion
Capex IntensityUS$838 per tonne
Peak FundingUS$1.8 billion
Operating Costs (EXW)US$38 / tonne MOP; US$112 / tonne SOP
Operating Costs (FOB Djibouti)US$81 / tonne MOP; US$156 / tonne SOP
Economic Assessment
After-tax Project NPV*US$2.1 billion
After-tax Nominal Project IRR*26%

Source: Senet DFS July 2015, optimized Senet DFS February 2016

* Note: Based on a US$350 per metric ton MOP price and a US$580 per metric ton SOP price (in real terms), with 2% p.a. inflation factor; includes the benefits of marketing agency